Canada 649 Winning Numbers


Canada 649 Prize Breakdown

Prize Level Prize Winners
6 $7,000,000 Rollover!0
5+Bonus $222,569.80 1
5 $2,377.90 78
4 $85.20 4,138
3 $10.00 76,809
2+Bonus $5.00 48,981
2 $3.00 553,093
Guaranteed Prize Draw $1,000,000 1

Canada Lotto 6/49 Introduction
There are three different lotto’s in Canada but in many people’s eyes, the Canada lotto is the big one and the one which has the jackpots which always seem to get everyone talking.
It is the newest of the three lotto’s and they seem to have made improvements in the areas that the other lotto’s might have been lacking so as a result, it has generated a great deal of interest.
It is sometimes referred to as the Canada Lotto 6/49 which relates to the numbers of balls which you can choose from.

How to Play Canada Lotto 6/49
It is actually just a case of choosing a total of six numbers from the 1 – 49 that are on offer.
The reason for the seven pay-out combinations is because when the initial six balls have been picked, another one is taken from the barrel and this is added to some of the number combinations, so that there is a chance of smaller pay-outs when it may look like all hope has been lost if the first numbers don’t match your selections.