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If you’re already savvy about the various lotteries that exist around the world then chances are you’ve already heard of Euromillions. One of the most popular lotteries in the world, around 18 million people are playing it every week and it is regularly turning in big, big jackpots.

If you want to add another great European lottery to your armory of games however you then you could play Eurojackpot. This is another pan-European game, and one of the more modern lotteries in the world, having been set up as recently as 2012.

Why should you consider this game? Well, one peak at the Eurojackpot results should give you an idea. No, this is not a game that boasts the extremely high jackpots that Euromillions does – though in saying in that, the jackpot does on occasion go as high as €90 million and regularly tops €10 million.

No, you should be looking to play Eurojackpot because it is a game that is set up to be won. It has shorter odds on winning across all lines, which is coincidently why the total jackpot is often smaller than the Euromillions – because it is won far more often, and so has much less of a chance to rollover and accumulate into those high prizes that we see on the Euromillions or some other games.

As with any other game, it’s recommended that you check out the historical Eurojackpot results. They will give you a practical idea of how the game is played, and you can also keep an eye out for number patterns, and scope out the lucky balls that appear more often – because any lottery fan worth their salt knows that any given game has it selection of lucky balls!

So if you want to add a new game with a European flavor to your lottery portfolio, take the time to check out Eurojackpot.


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Eurojackpot Winning Numbers



Eurojackpot Prize Breakdown

Match Prize Winners
5+2 €90,000,000 Rollover!0
5+1 €2,327,357.80 4
5 €97,570.30 11
4+2 €4,310.30 83
4+1 €300.60 1,071
4 €136.50 1,834
3+2 €58.70 3,654
2+2 €19.80 58,490
3+1 €19.80 51,579
3 €17.60 86,930
1+2 €8.60 335,422
2+1 €8.60 782,101