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If you’re looking to play Euromillions then, especially if it’s the first time, you may be wondering what numbers you are going to play.

After all, sure, you could simply play the numbers you already play on your other games, but what if the format doesn’t quite sync?

Don’t forget that Euromillions has a set structure of it’s own. What we are looking at here is choosing 5 lucky numbers from the main draw of 50 balls. But, if you want to win the jackpot – and, frankly, who doesn’t want to do that – then you are going to have to choose your two lucky star numbers from the pool of 12 numbers in the Lucky Star draw.

So maybe that doesn’t line up with your current lucky numbers. If you don’t have enough, how are you going to select the new ones? Or, even worse, if you have too many lucky numbers which one will you drop? The door number of your childhood home or Aunt Marge’s birthday?

Which is the luckier? It can drive a person mad!

Luckily there is a range of methods to choose your new numbers, so you really don’t have to panic.

You could enter the numbers into a randomizer website and see which numbers it throws out.

You could write all the numbers on ping pong balls, throw them on the floor and see which ones your cat bats into the corner of the room.

Or you could be smart and find a website with historic results. You can then pour over those Euromillions Results at your leisure, 100’s of them that have all been recorded ever since the very first draw way back in 2004.

You can be smart and notice patterns. See which balls pop out when and if they like to bring any friends with them – when a 3 is drawn, is it more likely to be followed out by a 7 or a 17 or 27?

It’s can be a bit of work that’s true, but there are a few reasons why it’s worth it – in fact, there are about a 100 million reasons why it’s worth it!

So no matter how you choose your balls, good luck!

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Euromillions Winning Numbers



Euromillions Prize Breakdown

Match Winners Prize
5+2 0 €66,136,267
5+1 5 €164,504
5 9 €21,286
4+2 22 €4,259
4+1 565 €177
3+2 1,269 €110
4 1,168 €68
2+2 19,354 €19
3+1 26,322 €15
3 54,538 €13
1+2 104,785 €10
2+1 387,481 €8
2 823,102 €5