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The 6aus49 is the biggest lottery in Germany. This German lotto has been creating millionaires since 1974, and thanks to the internet there are now millions of other Europeans seeking to play the German lottery and get their own 7 figure success.

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To play 6aus49 you need to purchase your tickets before Wednesday or Saturday, as this is a twice-weekly lottery. The numbers range from 1 to 49 and there is also a bonus ball, known as the “Superzahl”, which goes from 0 to 9. You pick 6 of the main numbers and 1 Superzahl, and if you land all seven then the jackpot is yours.

The highest 6aus49 German lotto jackpot was €45 million and while it is typically a lot lower than this, the minimum jackpots of €1 million (Wednesdays) and €3 million (Saturday) ensure it never goes too low.

People play 6aus49 because of the big jackpot, the low ticket price (€1.50) and the regular draws. The odds of winning the 6aus49 jackpot are also very respectable (1 in 139 million) and the odds of winning other big prizes are some of the lowest around.

You can see 6aus49 results every Wednesday and Saturday evening. The Wednesday draw takes place at 18.25 CET and the Saturday draw occurs at 19.25 CET, with tickets available for purchase up to 25 minutes prior to these draws taking place. If you live in Germany or have access to German TV you can get live 6aus49 results as they happen because it’s shown on all local TV channels within the country. If not, you can catch live streams online or check the results on social media just a few minutes after the draws have taken place.

You can find information on historic results by visiting the official site or simply Googling the date of the draw, as these are published across dozens of sites and most of those sites keep a record of all past results.


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Lotto 6aus49 Lottozahlen



Spiel 77



Super 6



Lotto 6aus49 Gewinnquoten

Spieleinsatz: 19.917.027,00 EUR

Anzahl Richtige Gewinne Quoten
6Richtige+Superzahl 0x 1.274.689,70EUR
6Richtige 0x Jackpot
5Richtige+Superzahl 29x 12.426,00EUR
5Richtige 315x 3.431,90EUR
4Richtige+Superzahl 2125x 169,50EUR
4Richtige 17274x 41,70EUR
3Richtige+Superzahl 39820x 18,00EUR
3Richtige 322416x 10,00EUR
2Richtige+Superzahl 295343x 5,00EUR


Spiel 77

Gewinnzahl: 6540641 Spieleinsatz: 4.927.317,50 EUR

Richtige Endziffern Gewinne Quoten
7Richtige 1x 6.477.777,00EUR
6Richtige 2x 77.777,00EUR
5Richtige 17x 7.777,00EUR
4Richtige 139x 777,00EUR
3Richtige 1337x 77,00EUR
2Richtige 13929x 17,00EUR
1Richtige 146862x 5,00EUR


Super 6

Gewinnzahl: 923187 Spieleinsatz: 2.081.811,25 EUR

Richtige Endziffern Gewinne Quoten
6Richtige 3x 100.000,00EUR
5Richtige 14x 6.666,00EUR
4Richtige 152x 666,00EUR
3Richtige 1658x ,00EUR
2Richtige 17139x 6,00EUR
1Richtige 185579x 2,50EUR