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When playing any lotto from around the world, one of the most common questions to be asked is how much money was won in the biggest wins.
It is only natural that people like to sit back and imagine how much money they could win and what they could do with the money.
Would they tell their friends or keep their good fortune a secret?
Would they move to a bigger house or even to a different country?
How much money would they give to charity?
What about buying a house for each family member?
The list of what they might do with the money is endless and it is easy to spend an hour or two in a trance like state, planning everything with money which has not yet been won.
When looking at the different lotto’s from around the world, the Mega Millions lotto will come high on most people’s lists as one to fantasize about and ‘what were the biggest mega millions lottery wins’ is the question on most people’s lips.
Before we look at the biggest mega millions lottery wins it might be a good idea to explain how different this lotto is from the National Lottery or the Euro Millions lottery which UK residents will be familiar with.
The Mega Millions lotto gives two choices to the jackpot winners, they can either receive the money as a lump sum or they can receive what equates to a greater amount over a period of thirty years which basically relates to a payment each year.
It sounds like quite a strange proposition to those who are not used to this kind of jackpot offer and is something that has to be taken into consideration when thinking about the biggest mega millions lottery wins.

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Mega Millions Winning Numbers



Mega Millions Prize Breakdown

Match Total Winners Prize Amount Megaplier Winners Megaplier Prize Amount
5+1 0 $73,000,000 \ \
5+0 0 $1,000,000 0 $4,000,000
4+1 5 $10,000 1 $40,000
4+0 220 $500 43 $2,000
3+1 599 $200 99 $800
3+0 14,572 $10 2,293 $40
2+1 12,840 $10 2,137 $40
1+1 104,057 $4 16,940 $16
0+1 255,934 $2 42,225 $8