In January 2016, the Powerball bonanza took off to a record-breaking $1.6 billion. The three winning tickets made Maureen Smith, John and Lisa Robinson, and Mae and Marvin Acosta the greatest Powerball champs as well as the greatest lottery bonanza victors on the planet. As of June 2018, this still establishes the biggest Powerball or Megamillions lottery benefit ever.

Here are seven exercises you can gain from how the three Powerball champs each dealt with their extraordinary experience—just on the off chance that you hit it huge.

01 Take Your Time Claiming Your Prize

The primary thing you ought to do is keep an eye on the principles in your state for asserting your prize since you would prefer not to miss the due date. To what extent you need to guarantee your prize shifts relying upon whether you intend to accept your prize as a singular amount or as an annuity.

You ought to likewise observe whether your state enables you to stay unknown in the wake of guaranteeing the prize, which would diminish the issues that accompany turning into a lottery victor. Presently, six states including Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Carolina let Powerball victors remain mysterious, while different states offer ways for lottery champs to shield their characters.

From that point forward, you may be enticed to surge out and guarantee the prize as quickly as time permits. All things considered, when it’s asserted there’s no way of losing the ticket or having it stolen.

In any case, it’s a smart thought not to guarantee your prize too early. You’ll have things to get all together and choices to make before you begin.

Two of the three January 2016 Powerball victors held back to guarantee their prize. Maureen Smith held up about a month while Mae and Marvin Acosta held up over a half year—saying they required an opportunity to amass a group of counselors.

Then again, John and Lisa Robinson went on the Today Show before they even asserted their prize, a neglectful move that stunned specialists. Despite the fact that things worked out for the Robinsons, John confessed to being scared to travel interstate when everybody realized he was conveying a ticket worth millions in his pockets.

02 Get Good Legal and Financial Representation

After you’ve checked your alternatives for guaranteeing your lottery prize, center around getting strong legitimate and money related counsel. Every one of the three January 2016 Powerball victors did the keen thing and held lawful portrayal before venturing forward.

When you are managing a multi-million prize, you need a group of experts to enable you to deal with the most ideal approaches to amplify your income and secure yourself. At any rate, you’ll need a legal advisor, a bookkeeper, and a speculation counselor who know about managing bonuses.

A portion of the numerous difficulties the Powerball victors confronted—alongside their group of guides—included how to shield themselves from trivial claims and borrowers, where to contribute their cash, how to deal with solicitations for cash from both respectable and offensive sources, and how to set up magnanimous gifts.

To begin with, you’ll have to recognize what sort of money related consultant to utilize and how to meet a bookkeeper. You’ll likewise need to make sense of the means to take to pick a decent legal advisor.

03 Lump Sum or Annuity?

Powerball bonanza champs are given an extreme decision—acknowledge a littler measure of cash as a singular amount, or get the whole measure of the big stake spread out more than 30 years.

There are favorable circumstances and inconveniences to every decision. With the single amount, you pay a lot of charges at the same time, while with the annuity, you just cover government expenses on the sum you get every year.

Accepting pay every year makes it harder to blow through your whole fortune without a moment’s delay (however some lottery revile unfortunate casualties figured out how to do as such by taking out credits on their future salary). Then again, with appropriate venture, your single amount could acquire more prominent profits than your annuity may.

On account of the January 2016 Powerball big stake, every one of the three victors decided on the single amount installment. Maureen Smith said her age vigorously affected her choice. At age 70, she didn’t know what number of installments she’d see.

Despite the fact that they’re more youthful, the Robinsons concurred. “We’re going to take the single amount since we’re not ensured tomorrow,” John said.

Before you settle on the choice yourself, make certain to counsel with your consultants to ensure that you settle on the correct choice for your circumstance.

04 Protect Your Privacy, Control Your Story

It’s significant (however unbearably hard) to keep your huge success private. Despite the fact that it’s enticing to yell your news to the world, when individuals hear that you’re going to turn into a multi-tycoon, you become an objective.

Try not to tell anybody outside of an incredibly little hover of confided in companions, relatives, and counsels about your Powerball bonanza win.

For instance, Maureen Smith and her better half David Kaltschmidt propped up to fill in as common in the wake of discovering they would have been astonishingly rich and didn’t tell their grown-up youngsters they won the Powerball big stake.

Also, begin considering the picture you’re going to extend when columnists and other invested individuals begin investigating your life. Specialists propose that you clean your online networking accounts—even better, erase them inside and out.

Additionally, consider how you need to be reached, on the grounds that many individuals are probably going to connect with you. Maureen Smith, for instance, set up a contact at her law office to react to all request and asks for.

Remember that not exclusively are Powerball champs going to be in the spotlight, so are the individuals they talk about freely—so it’s a smart thought to be cautious about what you state.

During their public interview in the wake of asserting the Powerball win, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt wouldn’t respond to a few individual inquiries like what individual significance the numbers they played needed to them and insights regarding their kids.

In the mean time, Marvin and Mae Acosta were so cautious about their protection that they moved out of their home the day preceding asserting their prize and would not talk with the press by any stretch of the imagination.

05 Don’t Make Major Changes in Your Life

If somebody somehow managed to ask you what you would do once you become a Powerball champ, you may state, “quit my place of employment” or “purchase a chateau.” But, the specialists recommend that you don’t make any enormous moves right away.

While winning a couple of hundred million dollars may make you have an inclination that you haven’t a consideration on the planet, the fact of the matter is extraordinary—as these lottery revile unfortunate casualties could let you know.

There are a couple of valid justifications not to make a noteworthy change right away. For a certain something, individuals need structure in their lives and leaving your place of employment and thoroughly changing what you do with your life is troublesome and bumping for a great many people.

That may be the reason John and Lisa Robinson both wanted to keep their employments, regardless of their $327.8 million benefit. John stated, “You can’t simply plunk down and not do nothing any longer. To what extent would that be able to last?”

David Kaltschmidt said he would resign from his position at Northrup Grummond, yet that was at that point in progress. “We are not going to go party. We are as yet going to live similar lives,” he said. The huge buy he was arranging was essentially supplanting his stalled truck.

Powerball champs ought to likewise work with their counsels to set up a spending that guarantees that their assets last. It’s astounding how quick a huge number of dollars can vanish if your cash propensities aren’t sound. It’s a smart thought to utilize your lottery rewards as your seed corn and spend just the premium you jump on your ventures.

06 Be Prepared for Emotional Turmoil

Paparazzi picture takers and TV journalists at big name occasion

It’s normal to imagine that Powerball victors feel only fervor in the wake of winning quite a lot of cash. Be that as it may, winning a colossal total of cash has a great deal of results, and not every one of them are wonderful.

Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt said that they were fearing the question and answer session and chaperon exposure. David said that he had shed 10 pounds in the month since they discovered they were victors, though Maureen said she was no longer in a peaceful spot and was apprehensive it would make her less well disposed on account of all the stressing.

In the interim, John and Lisa Robinson said that they had been restless in the wake of acknowledging they were champs. “More pressure accompanies that ticket,” Lisa said.

In the wake of asserting their prize, things kept on being hard for the Robinsons. They were the objective of a trivial claim by a criminal who has sued a great many individuals with expectations of getting a portion of their money and their names were utilized in a wide-spread Facebook phishing trick.

Over the majority of that, Powerball victors need to stress over individuals become a close acquaintance with them only for their cash, being bothered by philanthropies and individuals with tragic accounts, and the colossal obligation that accompanies having that a lot of cash.

07 Quick Pick or Choose Your Own? How Powerball Winners Pick Numbers.

Numerous lottery players need to know whether they should pick their very own numbers or utilize the brisk pick choice to have a PC arbitrarily pick their numbers.

Actually, the chances of winning ought to be equivalent paying little heed to which technique you pick.

The three victors of the 2016 Powerball big stake bear that out. Two of the champs utilized the speedy pick strategy, while the third, Maureen Smith, played similar numbers that she’s been playing for around 30 years.

Since neither one of the waies has a superior possibility of winning the lottery, pick whichever technique is progressively a good time for you.


You realize that the chances of winning a lottery big stake are out of this world, correct? All things considered, that is just sort of obvious. There are a set number of conceivable winning numbers, so the chances of hitting a bonanza can be 100% in the event that you purchase enough lottery mixes. In any case, what number of ticket mixes would you need to purchase? What amount would you need to contribute to do it? Furthermore, would your venture be advantageous?

The (Only) Guaranteed Way to Win a Powerball or Mega Millions Jackpot

Lotteries like Powerball or Mega Millions contrast from sweepstakes in light of the fact that the champ isn’t arbitrarily drawn from the majority of the certified sections. Rather, participants play by purchasing a ticket with a blend of numbers, and one of those mixes is drawn as the bonanza victor.

That implies that the odds of winning are fixed and that they aren’t affected by what number of individuals purchase tickets. Since there are a fixed number of lottery mixes, an extremely decided contestant with enough cash available to them could purchase each and every conceivable blend and assurance a bonanza win.

Take the Powerball lottery, for instance. To win the big stake, you need a lottery ticket with the right mix of five white balls and the red Powerball. There are 69 potential numbers for the white balls and 26 potential outcomes for the Powerball. Subsequently, the chances of picking that ideal mix with a solitary ticket are one of every 292,201,338.

Each Powerball ticket costs $2. That implies you could purchase all the potential blends of tickets for $584,402,676.

You can likewise ensure a big stake win for Mega Millions. For Mega Millions, you need a lottery ticket with the right blend of five white balls and the Mega Ball. The five white balls have potential numbers running somewhere in the range of 1 and 70, while the Mega Ball can be somewhere in the range of 1 and 25. That implies you have to cover 302,575,350 mixes to ensure a big stake.

Uber Millions tickets cost $2 each so taking care of all blends would expense $605,150,700. In certain districts, you can likewise purchase a “big stake just” ticket that spreads two blends for $3. That implies that in the event that you need to ensure a big stake for the most reduced conceivable speculation, you could do it for “just” $453,863,025.

Given that the absolute biggest lottery big stakes can arrive at a billion dollars or more, that doesn’t appear such a terrible arrangement, correct? Obviously, it is quite difficult.

Does It Make Sense to Buy All Possible Lottery Combinations?

While covering the majority of the potential blends takes an amazing of cash, the absolute greatest lottery big stakes have promoted big stakes that surpass what you’d have to pay to win them. Powerball’s greatest bonanza to date was promoted at $1.5 billion. Significantly increasing your venture on an ensured bonanza sounds quite great, isn’t that right?

The issue is that, while you can ensure a bonanza win, you can’t ensure that you will wind up with a benefit. Indeed, even with a publicized big stake greater than the sum you’d need to contribute, there are costs that will eat into your income.

Above all else, you may need to part the big stake with different victors. On account of Powerball’s $1.5 billion big stake, there were three winning tickets. That implies even the straightforward math of $1.5 billion isolated by three winning tickets would have brought the estimation of the prize underneath the $584,402,676 in ticket blends you would’ve needed to pay to ensure the success.

In any case, you need to accomplish more than basic math to discover what you will net when you win the lottery. For a certain something, you need to settle government obligations on those rewards. You can hope to pay in any event 25% in administrative assessments on your prize, and you may be in charge of state imposes on your big stake too, Depending on the state you live in, that could signify another 8.82% that you have to pay to the legislature.

Next, you’d need to think about whether you’ll take the singular amount or annuity payout. You’ll possibly get the full promoted measure of the big stake on the off chance that you take the annuity alternative, however that implies that you should hold up 30 years until you see your arrival on speculation. There are numerous different approaches to contribute a large portion of a million dollars that could be increasingly gainful and offer greater liquidity.

On the off chance that you take the single amount payout, you’ll get altogether less cash. On account of the $1.5 billion Powerball big stake, every one of the three victors took the singular amount and got $327.8 million rather than $500 million.

Up until now, the biggest big stake won by a solitary individual was a $758.7 million dollar Powerball big stake. That being said, the victor just left with $336 million after duties and the single amount decrease, far short of what it would have cost to purchase all conceivable lottery blends.

At long last, there are various things that you ought to do before you money in a noteworthy lottery win, including procuring legal counselors and bookkeepers to ensure your interests. Employing great individuals is significant, however it costs cash, further eating into your bonanza benefits.

Will the Jackpot Get Big Enough to Be Worth Buying All Combinations?

So perhaps a $1.5 billion big stake isn’t sufficient to merit purchasing the majority of the conceivable ticket mixes. In any case, big stakes can become ever bigger than that, right?

All things considered, sort of, however not so much. As bonanza esteems rise, lottery fever kicks in and an ever increasing number of individuals purchase tickets. The more tickets get sold, the higher the odds that every single imaginable blend will be secured. So before the big stakes draw near to huge enough to merit purchasing every one of the tickets, somebody will in all likelihood purchase a triumphant ticket.


While you can ensure a lottery big stake given enough cash, it once in a while works to support you. What’s more, the shot of a lottery big stake getting huge enough to guarantee a decent profit for your venture is thin. At the point when the $1.5 billion Powerball bonanza was won, lottery fever was high to the point that 89 percent of every conceivable mix had been obtained. It’s profoundly improbable that a Powerball big stake will ever get a lot higher than that.

There are better techniques to win the lottery than tying up an a large portion of a million bucks in lottery tickets. Treat the lottery as it’s proposed: a game, not a venture methodology. Purchase a solitary lottery ticket whenever the bonanza takes off over $350 million, which is the time when the hazard ends up worth the $2. At that point cross your fingers, trust in good karma, and play around with the outcomes.


Numerous individuals figure winning the lottery would be the solution to their petitions and the answer for the majority of their issues. Be that as it may, a few people have had the contrary experience. They’ve been fortunate enough to win the lottery, and after that later wanted that they had destroyed their ticket as opposed to recovering it.

It might appear to be incomprehensible that you could win a large number of dollars, at that point wish you hadn’t. In any case, it has happened frequently enough that the wonder has been named the “lottery revile.”

Try not to trust it? Here are seven casualties of the lottery revile—individuals whose “fortunate” win went bad, prompting separation, insolvency, or even demise.

01 Jack Whittaker: “Since I Won the Lottery, There’s No Control for Greed”

In contrast to numerous victors, Andrew “Jack” Whittaker was at that point affluent when he won the biggest big stake at any point granted to a solitary Powerball ticket on Christmas morning in 2002.

Notwithstanding, Jack Whittaker found the $90-somewhere in the range of million that he brought home after charges from his $314.9 million lottery ticket (he picked a singular amount installment rather than an annuity) to be not the same as the $17 million he had earned himself, stirring his way up from neediness to the proprietor of a West Virginia contracting organization.

Jack Whittaker completed a great deal of good with the cash he won, setting up a magnanimous establishment, giving cash to manufacture places of worship in West Virginia, and notwithstanding giving the lady who sold him the triumphant ticket another house, another vehicle, and a heap of money.

In any case, the lottery reviles discovered him.

Jack Whittaker’s success was generally announced, and he was deluged with individuals requesting cash and supports. He had a propensity for leaving a lot of cash in his vehicle, which brought about him being ransacked of the greater part a million dollars while he was in a strip club.

His organization was hit with a huge number of dollars worth of silly claims from individuals who needed to gain admittance to profound pockets. He began drinking hard and getting into battles.

He delighted in ruining his granddaughter, Brandi, by giving her a gigantic recompense and four autos, yet her riches pulled in a terrible group. His granddaughter’s beau passed on of an overdose in his home. After a year, Brandi was discovered dead under suspicious conditions, however the case was never tackled.

His little girl, Brandi’s mom, was discovered dead seven years after the big stake was won. Whittaker’s significant other sought legal separation.

Whittaker lost his loved ones and the cash that he won.

“Since I won the lottery, I think there is no control for ravenousness,” Jack Whittaker said. “I think on the off chance that you have something, there’s consistently another person that needs it. I wish I’d destroyed that ticket.”

You can peruse progressively about Jack Whittaker’s story here: Powerball Winner Says He’s Cursed.

02 Curtis Sharp, Lottery’s $5 Million Man

At the point when Curtis Sharp, Jr. won a $5 million big stake in 1982, he was a blessing from heaven for the lottery’s advertising office. The lottery was confronting a picture issue, and Curtis Sharp, Jr. was only the individual they expected to get the message out that ordinary individuals could turn their lives around by purchasing a ticket.

Curtis Sharp, Jr., who had been a dishwasher before he struck it rich, ended up known as the “5,000,000 Dollar Man”.

With his overwhelming character, his particular bowler cap, and the manner in which he wanted to streak his recently won cash around, he was a mobile commercial for the lottery. Gatherings, ladies, new houses, garish vehicles… he lived huge and wound up one of the lottery’s best-known champs as a result of it.

Shockingly, Curtis Sharp, Jr’s. way of life wasn’t reasonable. He was spending more than his huge yearly checks secured, and his gathering hard disposition was wearing on him. The lottery revile had hit.

The year after he won the lottery, he left his significant other for a sweetheart and had an enormous wedding. After five years, his subsequent spouse had separated from him, as well. He was drinking hard, to the call attention to he’d go out outside of his new sweetheart’s home. What’s more, the cash had run out. He needed to acquire cash from his first spouse.

Fortunately, his story has a cheerful completion. After an alcoholic driving episode, Curtis Sharp, Jr. discovered God. He quit drinking, quit celebrating, got it together, and turned into a priest.

However, despite everything he purchases lottery tickets.

You can peruse progressively about Curtis Sharp, Jr. in Matthew Sweeney’s book, “The Lottery Wars” or online here: Country’s Most Famous Lottery Winner Is Now Living Off His Pension, Social Security Checks.

03 William Post III: “No one Realizes the Nightmares”

In the event that you had under $3 in your ledger, OK purchase a lottery ticket? Possibly not, yet William Post, III, referred to his companions as Bud, went above and beyond than that. He pawned one of his couple of assets for $40, at that point spent the whole sum on lottery tickets.

Stupid or not, his bet satisfied. One of those tickets won him $16.2 million from the Pennsylvania lottery.

You may think the man who had been minimal in excess of a vagabond would have a simple life from the minute he won on. In any case, the reality of the situation was that subsequent to trading in for money his success, Post’s life got ugly.

“Everyone longs for winning cash, yet no one understands the bad dreams that leave the woodwork, or the issues,” he said.

How could that occur?

Post spent his cash fiercely. Most of the principal yearly portion of his rewards, which totaled over $400,000, was spent in the initial two weeks. Following a year, he was a large portion of a million dollars in the red.

His sweetheart sued him, guaranteeing they had consented to share the cash on the off chance that he won. When she won her court guarantee, he couldn’t pay, so his lottery payouts were solidified.

He needed to default on some loans, and he just figured out how to clutch about $2.6 million, which he promptly spent.

He was captured for strike in the wake of shooting a shotgun at a man who was irritating him for cash.

Far more terrible, his sibling procured a contract killer to slaughter him and his significant other with the goal that he would acquire the cash (he was on spouse number six by then).

After thirteen years, this lottery revile injured individual passed on alone and poverty stricken, living off of welfare installments.

You can peruse the entire story here: William ‘Bud’ Post III; Unhappy Lottery Winner.

04 Powerball Winner Willie Seeley: ‘The Drama Is Nonstop’

Whenever “Wild” Willie Seeley and 15 of his associates framed a lottery pool that won a major big stake in August of 2013, it appeared to be a gift. However, it just took half a month for Willie Seeley to feel he had been hit by the lottery revile.

The lottery pool, known as Oceans 16, purchased a ticket that was one of three to win a $450 million Powerball big stake. At a public interview, Willie Seeley said that he and his significant other were, “glad, cheerful, upbeat” and intending to go through their days angling, chasing, and unwinding.

Be that as it may, it didn’t take long for the drawback to winning a lottery big stake to show up.

It’s difficult to go angling when you are being trailed by columnists and camera teams clamoring for a meeting or an appearance on an unscripted television appear. What’s more, inaccessible relatives and complete outsiders going to your home to request gifts made it difficult to unwind.

Also, it was a stun to understand that in the wake of parting the big stake three different ways (three winning tickets were sold), at that point parting the rest of the 16 individuals from the lottery pool, not even $4 million was left over after assessments.

$4 million was sufficient for the couples to purchase new vehicles, help their families, and quit their employments, yet not the never-stress over cash again bonus it had appeared from the start.

Just weeks after their underlying extravagance, Willie Seeley and his better half were wailing over the lottery revile. “There are days I wish we were back to simply getting paid at regular intervals. You need to change your entire lifestyle, yet we would not like to change the manner in which we lived.”

Peruse Willie Seeley’s full story here: Powerball Winner ‘Wild’ Willie Wants His Old Life Back.

05 Lottery Winner Abraham Shakespeare: Murdered for His Money

Subsequent to winning $40 million from the Florida Lottery in 2006, Abraham Shakespeare was more than liberal with his cash. Despite the fact that he offered cash to about any individual who asked, his thoughtfulness didn’t give him resistance to the lottery revile.

Abraham, a secondary school dropout and convict who couldn’t peruse, won the lottery when he ceased at a comfort store with an associate and gave the colleague a few bucks to purchase tickets.

His inconveniences began very quickly. His colleague prosecuted Shakespeare, blaming him for taking the tickets and the big stake from him Shakespeare won the suit, however his inconveniences didn’t end there.

Such huge numbers of individuals were approaching Shakespeare for cash that he stated, “I’d have been exceptional off broke,” and “I thought every one of these individuals were my companions, however then I understood all they need is simply cash.”

At that point he met Dee Moore, who said she needed to expound on his encounters. She additionally said she’d help deal with his cash. When he concurred, she promptly began spending it on herself, getting herself a Hummer and a Corvette, for instance. She even claimed his home.

In any case, clearly, taking from Shakespeare wasn’t sufficient for Moore, who executed Shakespeare and covered his body under solid pieces at her beau’s home.

She took outrageous lengths to attempt to cause it to appear as though Shakespeare were as yet alive, sending counterfeit messages and endeavoring to pay off his family to state they had seen him.

Moore’s wrongdoing was found and she was indicted for first-degree murder. By the by, Shakespeare would have been exceptional off adhering to the $5 he had in his pocket when he purchased his triumphant lottery tic