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If you’re on the lookout for a new lottery to try, then maybe you should Play SuperEnalotto!

In case you’ve never heard of SuperEnalotto, it is a national lottery that is played in Italy. Now, typically when looking around for new lotteries to try, many people will skip past a lot of the national based games and instead settle on games that span continents like Euromillions or Eurojackpot.

In a way, that does make sense because these games are simply played across such a wide geographical area that they can pull in a wider selection of players. More players translates to bigger prizes, and it make sense to invest your cash buying entries into the lotteries that will pay the most out in prizes.

By that extremely understandable logic though, you should also think long and hard about the SuperEnalotto. Just take a peak at the historic SuperEnalotto Results and it becomes very clear why we are suggesting you Play SuperEnalotto – this is a national game with very interesting jackpots!

Running since 1997, the cool trick that this game has is it tendency toward jackpot rollovers. A rollover is an easy way to build up a big jackpot, and this game, for some reason, loves a rollover!

Going through the SuperEnalotto Results we can see that the record jackpot was an incredible €177 million – that equates to about $248 million, a very tidy sum indeed.

What’s interesting – at least to us anyway – was how that jackpot was achieved, which was via 8 months of rollovers. 8 months! Now that is pretty rare even for the SuperEnalotto, but it is still interesting to see it happen.

Of course, because this may not be a competition you are immediately aware of, it pays to do some research before you start to play SuperEnalotto. It would be a good idea, for example, to take a look at some historic SuperEnalotto Results, to look at draw patterns, identify popular and lucky numbers and just to get a feel for how the game is played.

Good luck!


Check SuperEnalotto Results online

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SuperEnalotto Winning Numbers



SuperEnalotto Prize Breakdown

Paid in Prizes
€41,378,221 336,740 €3,132,863.41


Instant Win Prizes

Per Winner
Winners Prize
Fund Amount
Instant Win €25.00 11,731 €293,275.00


SuperEnalotto Prizes

Matched Numbers Prize per Winner Winners Prize Fund Amount
6 €41,378,221.00 0 €0.00
5+Jolly €0.00 0 €0.00
5 €53,072.50 3 €159,217.50
4 €404.48 414 €167,454.72
3 €28.16 17,521 €493,391.36
2 €5.37 282,159 €1,515,193.83


SuperStar Prizes

Matched Numbers Prize per Winner Winners Prize Fund Amount
5+SuperStar €0.00 0 €0.00
4+SuperStar €40,448.00 2 €80,896.00
3+SuperStar €2,816.00 55 €154,880.00
2+SuperStar €100.00 1,139 €113,900.00
1+SuperStar €10.00 7,215 €72,150.00
0+SuperStar €5.00 16,501 €82,505.00